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Soul Contractors Roofing 

Soul Contractors Roofing was a spin off from Soul Contractors. In 2001 Shreveport and surrounding areas were hit with several hail storms and a few tornadoes.  Every roofing company in town was backed up for six months, at that time I began to pay close attention to the supply and demand of roofing.  The previous year I had made a vow to pay $10,000 to the Church in faith not knowing how in the world I could get a stack of 100,  hundred dollar bills to give away. I knew, I had to expand my work area, so I began to drive 100 miles to Monroe, La. looking for extra work.  I meet a roofing company there, called " Hammer Time,"  but my blessing came from Bossier City only 10 miles away. However in the year 2000,  I made another vow, for 2001 of  $25,000, after paying the $10,000 vow in 1999. Hammer Time came in 2001.

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